Titebond Genuine Hide Glue

Titebond Genuine Hide Glue

Valódi enyv
118 ml
hosszabb nyitott idő, beltéri használatra
felbontás után ne tárolja hosszabb ideig
nem toxikus
fához, textilhez és bőrhöz
ideália bútor restauráláshoz éz hangszerekhez

This product has similar properties to Pearl Glue, but in liquid form it is ready to use. It forms an excellent strong bond with the timber and its slow setting properties allow time for precise assembly. Like Pearl Glue it can be reversed by the application of gentle heat, making it excellent glue for use in furniture repair or small veneering jobs. Due to the unique properties of this glue, we suggest purchasing the required amount for the job in hand, rather than storing for long periods of time. Once opened, must be used.

Biztonsági adatlap

3.990 Ft